Virtual Payments

  • What is?

    It is a portal where you can:

    • Search their containers, liquidate them and pay them.
    • Pay by electronic payment button from your office, home or from anywhere in the world.
    • Avoid the lines and procedures, optimizing your time and your business.
    • Having a secure and reliable platform with connectivity to PSE (Electronic Payments Online).
  • ¿How it works?
    • Go to
    • Enter your username and password (which have been provided ).
    • Find a container or containers and requests the award.
    • Then the system will calculate the amount payable.
    • Select the mode of payment through PSE. (*)
    • Remember to make online payments is necessary ask your bank for payment authorization through PSE (Electronic Payments Online).
    • Once the payment is done, an option is enabled to print the bailment.
  • (*) For the method of payment through PSE (account to account transfer) select the financial institution from the list where you have the funds to make payment and click continue. This button takes you to the bank's payment gateway selected.
    • To make online payments is necessary to require the bank permission to do so by PSE (online electronic payments); including a second key if necessary.
    • You can make payments 24 hours a day. Remember that these will be registered for the next business day.
    • In case of rejection of the transaction may choose to retry the payment, selecting another card.
  • Advantages
    • online payments in real time.
    • From the comfort of your home or office, without rows or jams.
    • No move to banks, and from anywhere in the world.
    • Once your payment made, the system gives you a receipt with the option to print and also lets you print the bailment.
    • reliability, flexibility and security in payment.

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