• Appropriate technology in computer systems in the operational and administrative areas.
  • electronic communication of data between the port and the city of Bogota.
  • ongoing and timely information on the status of containers.
  • highly trained personal in the control and inspection of containers.
  • inspection criteria according to established international standards and unification of the same nationally.
  • programs for the development of all company activities supported by current technology systems.
  • Excellent service available to all employees of the company.
  • quick and timely service for twenty-four hours a day in the place required.
  • Supercont - Virtual Payments bailment payments without moving to banks, and from anywhere in the world with reliable, secure platform.


  • Return the container within the period authorized for their use.
  • Have appropriate management with the containers in all its movements.
  • Have an appropriate management with the containers in all its movements.
  • Use appropriate transport media.
  • Check either the state is received and delivered the container.
  • The notes in bailment contracts and inspection should reflect the actual state of the container.
  • remove containers without inspection may cause high costs.